“When I needed help handling my workload for copywriting clients, I reached out to Hailey based on a fine guest article she had written for The Freelance Writer’s Den.  

My concern was that some writers may have excellent writing skills but lack the personal discipline to get things done. Since I needed help with client work, it was essential that I find someone who could hit deadlines.  

Hailey rose to the challenge, digging in to understand the work and asking relevant questions only when necessary. She hit every deadline and turned in work that suited our purposes perfectly.  

If you hire Hailey for your copywriting needs, you can be sure she will honor every commitment — on time and as requested.”

Jack Price, ASK Method® Associate, copywriter, copywriting consultant

“Hailey is a truly valued member of the PepperStorm team. Her dedication, professionalism, and writing talent have made the editors’ jobs a breeze, which is the highest compliment I can give a freelance writer.

She can seemingly turn her hand to any brief that she’s assigned and has excelled in travel and lifestyle research, as well as creating some incredibly compelling human interest pieces. The honest, personal touch can be a rare commodity amongst copywriters, and Hailey has it in spades.

She’s confident enough to take the lead on any assignment that we’ve given her and would be a valued asset to any writing team.”

David Harfield, CEO, PepperStorm Media


“We love working with Hailey! She pitches well-researched pieces with a solid outline of ideas, and she always delivers a strong first draft. She works very well with our editors and proofreaders throughout the editorial process. I highly recommend working with Hailey on any writing project you send her way — she is responsive, kind, and great with words!”

Julia Hess, managing editor at Craft Your Content


“We are honored to have Hailey writing for The Life Project.”

Julie B. Cosgrove, Editor/Writer–The Life Project (Power to Change Ministries)