What We Can Learn From Betty Cooper’s Eye Makeup


This month I’ve been watching Riverdale on Netflix. I’ve watched all of season one and I’m well into season two. (Don’t come after me, Internet trolls–I know the writing can be kind of crappy, but overall it’s still an amazing and addicting show. Plus, Cole Sprouse. Need I say more?)

Recently I was stalking Lili Reinhart (who plays Betty Cooper) on Instagram, as one does, and I found this video. (Yes, it’s from May 2017. Over a year and a half ago. Again, don’t judge me.)

When I watched that video–if you didn’t take the sixty seconds to go watch it, it’s Riverdale’s head of makeup talking about the color palette she chose for Betty’s makeup–it grabbed me. I couldn’t stop thinking about, in the whole grand scheme of the Riverdale TV show, what a tiny detail Betty Cooper’s eye shadow is. And yet, without her eye shadow, we viewers might not have an idea of who Betty is as a character–and without Betty as a fully fleshed-out character, Riverdale would not be the same.

The attention to detail that people have on creative projects like Riverdale just blows my mind. And it’s the collective impact of all the tiny little details–like what shade of pink Betty’s lipstick is–that helps the whole project have an emotional impact.

As you work on your creative projects, take the time to make every detail perfect. Someone paying attention to those small things is what makes the whole thing great.

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