Doing Something Big

Ever since I was little, I’ve been fixated on this idea of doing something big when I was young. It’s why I’ve always been fascinated with people who have–people like Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez, Broadway actor/singer/dancer Ben Tyler Cook, or pop star Shawn Mendes. I’ve always looked up to people who work hard and have big success with whatever they do at a young age, and I’ve always wanted to be them.

The truth is, I am young, and I am doing something big. Other people my age don’t have my full-time content marketing/journalism career. But it doesn’t feel like I always envisioned my “big thing” would. It feels like work, because it is work, and it’s lonely work–it’s not being a part of something big, it’s just me and my laptop. I get lost in the grind of the 9-5, and my “big thing” feels, sometimes, like it’s trapping me. As much as I like my career, it makes me forget who I am and what I’m really striving for.

Maybe you feel the same–as if school or work or real life is crushing your big dreams, and you think they won’t happen. Watch something like this or this to inspire you. Remember that the little things can be big, too. And just because the big things don’t look or feel like you thought they would is no reason to not be proud of yourself. Finally, keep pushing. We’re still young… don’t forget those dreams.


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  1. My big thing in 2019 is going to be getting a house! But we just found out this Christmas that we’ll be getting a dog (as a gift) to bring home with us when we move 😱

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