Feeling Creatively Stuck? Try This One Foolproof Tip!

Unfortunately, creative burnout has kind of been a theme in my life lately. That’s why I recently did a post on ways to break out of it… and why I’ve been absent from THC’s social media platforms.

I’m a writer, and coming up with new story ideas used to be what I do best. But not anymore. Now I write other things 9-5 five days a week, making it hard to come up with ideas for fiction pieces.

If you’re in a similar situation–maybe you feel creatively blocked whenever you try to choreograph a dance, or the sight of your paintbrushes just doesn’t fill you with excitement, or you can’t remember the last time it was easy to write a story…

…you’re in luck.

I found the solution.


I went on a twelve-day vacation to Alaska and came home with a notebook of over twenty fleshed-out story ideas–more ideas than I’ve had in months.

I understand not everyone can pick up and take off across the country for two weeks (although wouldn’t that be great?). I was only able to go because of the generosity of my grandfather, and with a lot of pre-planning to get out of work.

But I did learn something important that I’d forgotten: going somewhere new, learning something new, or meeting someone new are all things that kick-start my creativity in an important way.

Can I go somewhere new in my town once a week, even if that’s just a quick detour to a pretty park as I come home from running errands? Sure!

Can I watch a documentary on YouTube before bed, learning fascinating details about historical mysteries? Of course!

Can I make a point, no matter where I am, to interact with people of various ages and points of view–to listen and learn how they view the world? Absolutely!

I bet getting out and doing something new will stimulate your creativity, too. The art we make stems from the experiences we have, so we need to be intentional about scheduling times to have some new and beautiful ones. That way, you’ll be able to create new and beautiful art.

Hey fellow hardworking creatives, do you find that doing something new stimulates your creativity? Tell us in the comments what kind of experiences, even everyday experiences, help feed your creativity.


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