Kenyetta Hudson: Hardworking Creative

Kenyetta Hudson recently started her own business: Virtue Box, a subscription box for teen Christian girls. Today, she’s sharing her insight on the best ways to launch and run your own small business!


Tell us in one sentence what you do and why you do it. 
My name is Kenyetta Hudson, and I am the founder of Virtue Box, a Christian subscription box company inspiring women to be all that God has called them to be​.
What does it mean to you to be a hardworking creative?
​Every creative individual can use their gifts to inspire others. When a vision is given from God, you are able to use those talents to create something unique and meaningful. As a visual learner myself, I find inspiration from photography, encouraging words from Scriptures, quotes, and reading books. There are many fun ways to innovate throughout your business when using creative methods to promote your company. The best part of it all is working together with a team, forming collaborations, and developing a close relationship with members to bring out the very best for the company as a whole.
What is Virtue Box, and when, how, and why did you launch it? 
Virtue Box, ​a seasonal subscription box, was launched in June of 2018​. We create boxes which include a wide range of products that cater to the mind, body, and soul. Each season of the year, a new box will be introduced on our website and social media.
What kind of items are included in each box? 
Virtue Box provides boxes with an inspirational theme reflecting Biblical principles along with products complimenting the current season of the year. ​Faith-based stationary, accessories, and beauty products can be found in these lovely boxes​. ​Virtue Box members can select a box for themselves and even give as a gift to a friend.​
How old were you when you began this project? Did you ever feel that you were looked down on and not taken seriously?
The process of building Virtue Box for me began at the age of 23. By the grace of God I was blessed to have experienced business professionals as mentors who provided assistance during the founding process. The thought of launching a business as a young adult was very intimidating. I would worry about who may or may not be supportive of the idea of a Christian subscription box. I would also begin to think I was too young to take on such a huge task. However, against all odds, having faith in God and keeping Him as the head of this business makes all things possible. As the founder and CEO of Virtue Box, it’s my responsibility to properly manage the company and execute great ideas in order to bring people closer to God. I am nothing but grateful to have been chosen by God for such a great opportunity. “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” –1 Timothy 4:12
As you created the box, what parts of the process surprised you–something you didn’t expect, whether good or bad?
In order to deliver a great product for a customer, you must “think of yourself as a customer.”Prior to creating boxes, I would receive feedback from people from ages teens to mature adults concerning what they would like to receive as a member of Virtue Box. Much time and research takes place when creating a box. First, with much meditation and prayer, I will receive a word from the Lord of the message to share. Secondly, searching for the perfect products to go inside of boxes is the fun part of it all! You’re literally going shopping to match products which best fits for the theme and season of the box and most importantly, something members will enjoy and want to share! I was surprised by how fun the process was, but also how it could sometimes be hard to put myself in the customer’s shoes.
What are your short-term and long-term goals with Virtue Box?
We are currently seeking opportunities to become more involved within church groups, organizations, and communities in order to share the mission of Virtue Box, plus  building a strong online presence. In the upcoming years, we hope to begin shipping Virtue Boxes worldwide.
What’s the most effective way you have advertised yourself and Virtue Box?
Ever since starting Virtue Box, I have found the use of social media very beneficial. Community outreach is an even more effective and exciting experience when going out and sharing the mission of Virtue Box within organizations. You can form great business to customer relationships in attending the appropriate events.
What gets the creative process kick-started for you?
As a lover of faith, lifestyle, and fashion essentials, I wanted to create a company that is unique and has the potential to grow in several aspects. Most importantly, I wanted to create a brand that would also share God’s word. By taking each of these ideas into consideration, it led me to create Virtue Box as a faith-based subscription box with a fashionable edge. I find  inspiration by following up on success stories concerning young entrepreneurs, creating vision boards, and keeping a journal with all of my creative ideas. It’s also important study and research similar companies within my industry to determine how my brand will differ and have its competitive edge.
What advice do you have for young creatives who want to do something with their work but just can’t seem to get off the ground?
Allow your creative side to shine! As believers, we must remember we were created by the great Creator Himself. I highly recommend that both men and women who are followers of Christ should become more entrepreneurial. Be unique and fearless, and never think your ideas are too small or irrelevant. What God places in our hearts is to help encourage someone else. You never know whose life you can make a difference in. All you need is a plan from God, to have faith, and to know that He will provide for you. Don’t worry about having it all together–we all have to start somewhere. Be patient and allow the challenges to help you grow. You could even work together with a small group of friends who can help you along the way. Have fun and enjoy the experience!

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Hey fellow hardworking creatives, have you ever thought about starting your own business? What did you take away from Kenyetta’s advice that could help you?

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