Painless Ways to Network (Also: Things Are Changing)

PSA: Today and over the next few weeks, you’ll see some changes happening around THC. As my freelance career is growing and I’ve realized I need to work more on inbound marketing, I need a professional website to showcase my portfolio and services for potential clients. So since I already own this URL and have the site set up, I’ll be gradually shifting THC into my own writer website. Honestly, this change makes me sad–freelancing is sucking my creative energy, and I haven’t written fiction in I don’t know how long. As much as I love freelancing, it’s also exhausting and stressful. However, the blog portion of THC will always be for anyone who’s bursting with a dream–whether it stays here or moves to a different URL–and I won’t go anywhere without telling you. Stick around and keep reading. Thanks for your support!


On to today’s post. Networking is important for all creatives. In a nutshell, networking is about creating relationships that could benefit your career further down the road–and today, I’m sharing three unique networking methods over at the fantastic website Craft Your Content. Go check them out, then come back here and leave a comment to share with other creatives how you network!

Hey fellow hardworking creatives, what networking methods work best for you? Do you have any tips for create relationships that could further your career?

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