How to Support Other Creatives (when you’re broke)

Okay. Let’s get one thing out of the way right now: as much as I hate to reinforce the starving-artist stereotype, it’s a stereotype because it’s often true. Over the last few years, I’ve seen firsthand that there are so many creative people in the world, all competing to scratch out a living in fields that are subjective and constantly changing. As I became friends with more and more creative people, I desperately wanted to support their work–but as a creative myself, I often just couldn’t afford it. Here are three easy ways to support your creative friends, even when you’re broke.


Encourage them.

I’m a huge Broadway geek, and when I watch interviews of my favorite actors, one thing always sticks out to me: they’re effusive in their compliments of fellow actors, singers, and dancers. As a creative myself–especially one whose love language is words of affirmation–I can testify that even brief messages of encouragement help me keep going. Never underestimate the power of a kind word.

Share their work on social media.

Absolutely anybody can hit the “share” button on Facebook, repost something on Instagram, or retweet on Twitter. It’s free, it takes two seconds, and yet it still makes a huge difference–because, as we’ve already discussed, the power of social media is huge when it comes to getting someone’s name out there.

Have money? Buy!

I got a lot of money for Christmas, and I spent a large majority of it on books by indie authors I’d been wanting to read for a long time. Since many of my creative friends are just starting their journeys, their work isn’t very expensive. If I’m buying a Christmas or birthday gift for somebody, I almost never buy on Amazon–instead I check out my friends on Etsy for custom art, handmade jewelry, or whatever else I need. Supporting creatives financially is hugely important, but contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to break the bank!

Free bonus content? Yes, please!

Here’s my contribution of the day to supporting my fellow creatives: by entering your email below, you’ll receive a list of books written by young indie authors. I’ve read most of these books, and I can vouch they’re all excellent. If you can’t afford to buy them right now, simply look them up online and bookmark them for later (or put them on your Christmas list–it’s never too early). Happy reading!

Hey fellow hardworking creatives, do you struggle to support other creatives? Drop a comment below telling us how other creatives have supported you, and tell us a few of your favorite creatives so we can check them out?


  1. Great tips Hailey. To add to your idea about buying from independent creatives, another thing you can do is use their merchandise as a pool for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc. for others. It’s a great way to support the creative as well as possibly get them a new fan!

  2. Such good tips! I always try to share as much (and, if I’m not broke, buy) stuff by my indie friends, because SUPPORT, but it’s tricky when I don’t make much already.

  3. Yes! Totally the share button! 😄 Thank you for all the tips! And yeah, I’m saving up to buy all those indie author’s books that I want. (It’s starting to become a very extensive list… 😂)

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